Sports and Therapeutic Massage

Fitness enthusiasts have unique massage needs. The stresses a weekend warrior puts on their body are often different than those of professional athletes or dedicated Olympians. It takes an accomplished sports therapist to deliver safe and appropriate massage.

Jerome Davre, LMT is an expert on how the body works. His professional therapeutic massage training is enriched by his personal background as an international athlete. Make your appointment today. Ask about customized options. Call or Text 414.302.1369

Your Therapist

Jerome Davre, LMT brings his experience as an international athlete and a prestigious academic education to the benefit of each of his clients.

Jerome is acutely aware of the human body – how it moves and stresses in exercise, as well as day-to-day activities. His unique approach to an individual’s needs and wants is why he is recommended by trainers for persons at all fitness levels.

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Achieve Relief with Targeted Therapy

With a focus on the healing of injured muscles and alleviating muscle tension, Bodywise clients experience release from chronic pain to headaches and backaches. Clients suffering from Neuropathy find relief too!

Sports Massage Emphasizes Prevention and Injury Healing

Techniques of massage are always specific to the athlete’s sport. Jerome focuses on areas of the body which are overused and stressed by repetitive and aggressive movements.

Massage is one component of a balanced training regimen.

You don’t have to be an athlete to take advantage of sports massage. The many benefits of sports massage are why persons with injuries, chronic pain, or restricted range of motion seek out Jerome for relief.

Benefits of Sports Massage

“As a professional runner and coach, I have been visiting Jerome for the past 15 years. He has been key to injury prevention and recovery. I have referred Jerome to countless runners  who have all been extremely satisfied and become lifelong clients of his.  A massage has always been the key to my running training and racing.” 

Matt Thull
Personal Running Coach-Thunderdome Running & US World Half Marathon Championships team member and 2x US National Track meet 10,000m qualifier

“I’ve received many massages but this was particularly therapeutic. Eased soreness and pain while reducing tension… others should experience your great work.”

Dan Jansen
Olympic Gold Medalist

“Your massages have been essential to my preparation for major events. Thanks for helping my Olympic dreams come true.”

Bonnie Blair
Olympic Gold Medalist

Therapy Rates

$75 for full body (60 minutes)
$60 for upper body (45 minutes)
$100 for 90 minutes
$45 for 30 minutes

Make your appointment today. Ask about customized options.
Call or Text 414.302.1369